At Paragon Living US, we have a passion for entrepreneurs!   With 30+ years of experience, we are here to help you build a solid marketing plan, develop communication skills to turn prospects into assets, and identify and overcome the obstacles you face every day. Through our course books,eBooks, gallery, and podcasts, you'll find the training you need to build a strong and sustainable business.


Paula English

As an internationally acclaimed business coach and author of 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning and A Recipe for Conversation, Paula English spent her career specializing in the art of marketing and communication strategies. With almost four decades of experience, Paula helped thousands of entrepreneurs find their niche for building success. Paula gave us the tools that make it possible to be successful without “Wearing pantyhose or sitting in rush hour traffic”. Paula supported entrepreneurs who have passion for excellence and financial independence. She believes in the power of being specific in what we want to attract in life, love and business. Most of all she believes in the power of potential in every individual.

Paula English


Vaughn Robert

Vaughn has experience in a wide variety of business environments and has fully earned the title of Jack of All Trades. He has made a point to master numerous skills along the way. Sales and Promotions are his deepest fields of knowledge. From promoting concerts to managing bars to working on design teams for festivals, he has first hand experience in what it takes to achieve successful business objectives. He is active as a professional DJ, hosting events, ring announcing and team building for businesses. He went to UMKC and earned his BA with a double major in Film and Public Relations. Vaughn has a critical eye for writing marketing materials with the specific focus on being Remarkable. In his free time, he enjoys scuba diving, practicing martial arts, and working to earn his pilot's license.

Olivia Mae

Born into a family of faith and sprouted from an entrepreneurial seed, working hard is what she does when representing a company’s image and product. She is committed to personal education. From physical labor and landscape design to hospitality etiquette and grassroots activism, she blends her diverse backgrounds of experience for whatever project she is working on. She enjoys being active in the community, and has a passion for the environment and a healthy quality of life. Olivia is an dynamic public speaker and lives to help any business achieve bold goals of zero-waste and proactive environmental practices. Olivia is a world traveler, activist, and entrepreneur. Her passions are used with the power of communication to create agreement in the future of energy storage, food/plants, and waste management.

Olivia English 2


Shirley Kortnick

Someone who has seen the development and growth of Paragon Living over the last decade, Shirley has been a client, a life friend and support partner in the tech side of our business. Through Computer Coaching with Shirley, she has covered the bases of tech training so our clients can navigate the waters of change with grace. 



Scott and Sue Holdren

Our double trouble duo. From website maintenance, book edits, audio transcripts, and overall morale builder. Sue and Scott have passed the ball back and forth with us during this upgrade and complete overhaul of our products and new phase of business. Change is the only constant when building a business that plans to last, and these two have taken us to the next step when things have seemed too far from our reach. Encouraging us and helping us reach our goals, they have made growth possible. The combination of heart, sweat, and brain power make this duo a key to our team.